Ergo Agency Shortlisted by Silicon India for Top 25 Web Development & Design companies in New Delhi.

Annual list showcases 25 most promising web design and development companies focused on offering enhanced solutions; Ergo Agency makes it to the list for its innovation in digital marketplace and bridging the gap between design, messaging, marketing and technology.

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New Delhi, March 2014: SiliconIndia has chosen Ergo Agency, for Top 25 Web Development & Design companies in New Delhi, an annual listing of 25 most promising companies offering solutions in web development and design.

The positioning is based on evaluation of Ergo Agency’s aesthetically designed and responsive websites for its clients worldwide. The annual listing is compiled by a panel of experts and members of SiliconIndia’s editorial board to recognize and promote entrepreneurship in digital design space.

Ergo Agency is a Digital Marketing & Creative Agency specializing in Website Strategy and Design, Social Media Strategy, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Display Media, Digital Communications Strategy, Cross-platform website optimization, Mobile Websites & Apps, Market Plan Audit & Augmentation, Market Penetration Plan. Its mission is to bring positive brand experience and increased profitability to businesses through their creativity, design and deep knowledge of technology.

“As India’s web app industry, primarily comprised of small business, is booming, smaller firms are doing surprisingly well against well established players. In fact, several of the most successful apps in this ecosystem are developed by these small companies. Ergo Agency is one of them. Officially established 2 years ago, but as sister-concern of Tekege Solutions (estbd. 10+ years ago),don’t let the “age” of this company fool you. Armed with some of the best personnel in the industry, Ergo is stirring a revolution in Web design, Digital Strategy and Development and we are happy to showcase them this year due to their continuing excellence in delivering outstanding online marketing services, websites, applications and cross platform sites” said Pradeep Shankar, CEO,

What An Agency Needs To Know About You To Be Able To Design/Redesign Your Website

When you contact an agency to ask for a design quote- don’t expect them to simply churn something over without asking a bunch of questions. The ones that do send over the quote without this stop- drop them like a hot potato!

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Here are 3 questions agencies should at-least be asking you before they send over a quote to you:

1. What types of websites do you like that are similar to what you want to build?
2. What is the nature of your business and do you have competitors in the marketplace? List their websites
3. What kind of functionality are you looking for? Do you have any special bells and whistles that you’d like to see added to the website?

The above three questions give the agency deep insights into your style sense, the competitor landscape and also the level of effort on the technology side that is needed to build your site. With this information, you can get a nice broad quote.
For a needle point, perfectly sound quote- you will need to have a 2-3 hour interview with the agency, create specifications, and only then will you receive an exact quote.

Dissecting An Email To Ensure Effectiveness

So…what’s in an email?? You have a list- you write a little message- press send and bam! All done, right?


Dissecting An Email To Ensure Effectiveness.

The world of email communication is so so so vital in today’s marketing world that it becomes almost impossible to think of a world without marketing emails.

I wake up every morning and go through my 6 email inboxes. I have a Gmail account for work, a Yahoo account for super official mail, a Yahoo account for junk mail, a Hotmail account (because that was my first email account ever) for junk…and so on and so forth. I read through subject lines in each of these inboxes at-least 5 times a day (if not more) from my smart phone.

Each of those emails are targeted to me because I have either asked to be sent them, or opted in, a member of something or being SPAMmed.

There is a guaranteed science behind each of those emails and I am going to reveal them to you briefly below:

1. Target Audience/Group:  I fit into a certain target group and someone has bought my contact information because there is some data supporting the fact that if I like floral prints, i will most likely wear dresses. And voila! I have eCommerce shops knocking at my inbox- showing me all kinds of floral prints available in beautiful dress shapes.

2. Subject Line: Ah! The science of subject lines. Chances are- I am either part of a test group that is keeping tabs on my particular behavior or I’m part of a control group whose behavior is all sorted out. What I mean is- the subject line “Jessica- 50% for the next two hours” could be the only way to get me to open your email. The reason for this is- they’ve tested different emails on me. And know that urgency works for me.

3. Mobile Friendliness: If ain’t mobile friendly- fuhgetaboudit. Not happening. I won’t open it. Touch it. Look at it. In-fact- some people will go as far as to unsubscribe if they don’t like the user experience you are offering them. Damn, we’re spoiled!

4. Layout and imagery: This may be stating the obvious- but take the time to play around with the layout to see which one is the most successful of the lot. People respond to good experience- and once they’re used to a certain format- don’t break that unless you have an even better experience lined up for them. Think of it as changing the newspaper read from portrait to landscape. No-one has ever broken that convention- because no-one needs to.

There are so many more ways to appear credible when writing, sending and designing an email. Time of Day, Day of Week, Landing Pages, Call to Action, Personalization, who it’s “From”, the actual message are just more elements to what makes a successful email.

Take time- effort and skill to really understand what you’re doing when it comes to emails. When you do- you’ll begin to see an uptick in those open rates and click through.

Marketing Is All About Telling A Story…Your Story!


Often times, we get caught wearing our marketing hats when it comes to telling people who we really are. We want to use words like “cutting edge” and “one and only” and “the best” and “no-one else does it better”…

While we may believe the above to be true- we tend to represent ourselves in a “boxed-in”, trapped and unoriginal way. Mostly because we don’t know any better.

A Lie Exposed – Digital Marketing In India

They’re growing by the dozen. These “Digital Agencies” that claim they know digital marketing. And we’re worried about that- for your sake. You see, lots of businesses are learning a fraction of “something” digital and claiming that they are digital know-it-alls. And clients are hiring them by the dozen and getting burned badly for doing it.  So here’s a little advice for you- mostly to take and not leave- when you are looking for the right digital agency in India.


You see, looking for a real digital agency is a difficult task. Obtaining the right agency that suits your requirements and understands “digital marketing” is what your focus should be. In this historic period of digital boom, there are lots of companies which range from startups, mid-level agencies and the well-established ones. They are all fighting tooth and nail for your business. We think you should review them all. Not just the big and not just the small ones.